L.R. Baggs M1 Active Acoustic Pickup


The L.R. Baggs M1 Active is one of the most popular pickups for Weissenborn guitars. Many traditional acoustic guitar pickups fail to capture the warmth of Weissenborns, which is why many players choose a magnetic pickup as their primary pickup. The M1 Active is perhaps the best suited pickup for this purpose on the market.

Individually adjustable pole-pieces means that the pickup can be balanced to suit both the string gauge as well as the height of the strings above the body. The M1 Active also features a unique design that captures the vibration of the soundboard, offering a truly acoustic sound. A built-in preamp with volume control gives further control over tone. This pickup is equally at home fed straight into a P.A. as it is into a valve amp.


The M1 Active offers a beautiful warm tone that complements the natural acoustic sound of the Weissenborn perfectly. Plugged into an amp and with the flick of the overdrive and it comes alive, offering searing Weissenborn tones that are perfect in any blues or rock setting.

Free Installation

Purchase the M1 Active with any guitar in the Weissenborns.com store and it will be installed free of charge. The pickup is professionally installed, preserving the warranty on both the guitar and pickup. The pickup will also be custom tuned to perfectly optimise it for your new Weissenborn's unique sound.